SIN in the SUN 4

July 6, 2018 SIN in the SUN 4


As we grow as artists we often times forget to look back and see how far we have come, I took it upon myself to give my self a swift reminder every year with my annual SIN in the Sun series. To most photographers a simple series like this wouldn’t be a big deal but but for those of you that know me know I HATE the summer! On 50 degree and cloudy days you will find me sitting outside in a t-shirt smoking cigarettes and enjoying coffee. So why on earth would I want to do a shoot that typically is done in 90 degree weather with blazing sun? To challenge myself of course. A life without challenges is as boring as watching paint dry, So every year for the last 4 years I set aside a shoot day to the Sin in the Sun series. A collection of bathing suit shoots done over the course of one day with a group of stunning woman.

Year one was as simple as its gets. Gather a few models and head out to a beach while it presented with its own sets of challenges ( you can read about here ) The day consisted of blazing sun and flies.

Year two was……Hmm how do I put this? A Royal PAIN in the ass! It was almost 95 degrees in the shade I forgot my ND filter and my portable Vagabond power pack got turned on in my bag somehow so it was dead when we began to shoot so we ended up shooting with a reflector. I was so drained by the end of this shoot I swore I wouldn’t do it again the next year.

But I did round 3 and I’m glad I did cause it revitalized the series and I learned a lot from the 3rd round. Giving up was not an option and with the right people by your side even mother nature has trouble keeping you down. (if you would like to learn more about that adventure click here.


A life without challenges is as boring as watching paint dry.


Now onto the reason you are here the story of year #4. With the overwhelming success of last years SIN3 I knew I wanted to make #4 Bigger, better, and include more of everything we had in #3. The challenge was how to do that its such a simple concept how do you go bigger? Well first we needed a new location, after the hours spent removing flies from the models in post, not only the weeks of healing we all went through for the fly bites. I knew we needed a FLY free zone for the next one and that meant not going back to Fly Beach in mentor where the first 3 were shot.  While I worked on finding another location for the series I started my search for models I knew I wanted to have more models and more of a variety in body types and I wanted to shoot this years more as a commercial editorial to not only help hone my skills in that department but to challenge myself. After looking through my model list I had a pretty good Idea of the models I wanted to use. I started contacting them to get ideas for dates and availability. In conversation with my dear friend and model Kellie she had made mention that getting away for the day to shoot up on the lake (over a hour drive for her) would be hard with her 4 kids, but then volunteered her beautiful home!


Not only would that take care of making sure she could model that day it gave us an amazing location to shoot at! Now the planning was moving forward at lightning speed. I began to contact all sorts of models seeing who would want to be involved 25 models agreed and 14 showed up to the shoot Honestly with Ohio that is a pretty damn good ratio.

Now that we had models, a date, and a location. The next challenge was getting suits for all of the woman involved. I wanted to shoot Bikinis or skimpy one piece suits preferably thong styled in a Black, White, or Gray color pallet. When dealing with 14 woman’s varying body types I could not believe the lack of affordable suits to fit different body types. I swear the fashion industry really needs to step up its game with designing sexy pieces for woman with shape and I’m not just talking about the “Plus sized models” woman who have small frames with large breasts or woman who have a small top and large ass. Its as if the fashion industry designs on 12 year old boy shaped mannequins and forgot that real people have shape to them. The hour glass figure is considered the most saught after body shape in history, yet the majority of clothing is designed to look flattering on 3% of the population. So with only 3 weeks to find suits (2 per model) the hunt was on.  Luckily everyone managed to find suits and mixed matched tops and bottoms to put together at least 2 looks per model.

The morning of the shoot

I woke up around 6:30am after only a few hours of sleep, Tossed on the coffee pot lit myself a smoke and relaxed for a moment while the coffee brewed. After a quick cup and a second smoke it was off to the shower and to finish packing my bags. Rob arrived just after 8am to help load the cars with gear. After loading it was time to hit the road for the hour drive to the location. I had checked the weather repeatedly for days leading up to the shoot and it was covered in thunderstorms so

When we arrived a good portion of the models had already arrived which in this industry is a pretty good sign the day is going to go well, So while we waited for the rest of the models to show up Kellie showed us to the pool house where the models could change and chill.

Once all the models had arrived, we had everyone lay out there outfits so I could pick the order in which they would be shot all while Rob set up the lighting gear. I then picked a random group of models for each area at the location I felt I wanted to highlight and away we went here are some select BTS photos.

Photos by Rob Kazar 

Some random Instagram stories!

The rain managed to hold off on us all day, Which was nice and it gave me some great clouds to work with. Over all the day went super fast and from the looks of it everyone involved had a lot of fun. I really enjoy doing larger group projects like this it allows for a ton of content in a few short hours. Over all we were scheduled for 8 hours and finished in 6 and even shot a few extra group shots too.

Speaking of group shots, The main title image for this set was something I’ve never done before and as much as I don’t like to Photoshop my images the lighting on this one was going to be either very costly or digital so given the $0.00 budget Digital it is.

Here is how it was done.


SHOOT: I placed the models in there spots, Then I found a fixed area to sit my camera to make sure it would move as little as possible during each photo. Then as I took each photo I had Rob walk around spot lighting each smaller group of models Once I had at least 2 images of each person lit nicely I snapped a plate photo with no models at all.


POST PROCESSING: Here is where I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone. I started by selecting 8 photos each one representing a well lit portion of the total image I wanted to build.


Then I opened Photoshop and used the auto align feature to make any small adjustments that may have been needed. Once that was done it was just a matter of selecting each image and using adjustment layers to only show the areas I wanted. I know that most people could have done this in moments but it took me a few hours to do as I’m not real good with Photoshop but I love a good challenge!

and here is the final product:


For those Gear heads out there Here is the gear used on this shoot

  • Nikon D850
  • Sigma 50mm macro
  • Sigma 105mm Art
  • Tokina 16-28mm
  • GoPro Hero
  • Westcott Aplo Orb
  • Digibee 800
  • Pocket Plus X
  • Pocket Wizard TT5
  • Vagabond mini
  • Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Premier CC


I want to thank everyone that came out that day to have fun and create some wonderful images! Speaking of images Lets show you what you came here to see!

Whenever you give models free range to film the BTS you get PURE GOLD




Model – Lydie Vendetta – HMUA – Self – Suit – Amazon

Model – Acid Grave – HMUA – Self – Suit – Roma

Model – Vaeyla – HMUA – Self – Suit – Windsor

Model – Stefani – HMUA – Self – Suit – Target

Model – Nicole – HMUA – Regan/self – Suit – Walmart

Model – Dree-Vill – HMUA – Self – Suit – Brigitewear

Model – Stephy – HMUA – Self – Suit – LA Senza

Model – Guantanamo Mouse – HMUA – Self – Suit – Amazon

Model – Regan LittleFox – HMUA – Self – Suit – Amazon

Model – Kellie – HMUA – Self – Suit – Ami Club Wear

Model – Kels – HMUA – Self – Suit – Target

Model – Alice Quinn – HMUA – Self – Suit – Amazon

Model – Chelsea – HMUA – Regan – Suit – lane bryant

Model – Morgan P – HMUA – Self – Suit – Aerie

Congrats! If you have made it this far You get a BONUS photo of my ugly mug!

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