Murder of crows

July 6, 2018 Murder of crows

“A Murder Of Crows”


Much like “the hidden ones” series of last year “A Murder of crows” is a series left open to the imagination for meaning. I know what it means to me but I would much rather not taint the field with my opinion. I want you to be able to indulge yourself into the imagery and get out of it what you need.


Sometimes in the creation of these series I as the artist start out with one image in mind and once I get out to the set and start working with the amazing talent I have brought on board for the shoots, things change and I have to adapt sometimes for the worse but almost every time something doesn’t go as planned a new and wonderful idea happens. With this series I set out to create an image I have had floating around in my head for a long time however the weather did not want to be the gray over cast day of clouds I had hoped for. Instead I got a 80 degree day with out a cloud in site and blazing bright sun.



But with the heat the models loved it and everyone was in such good spirits. I love how it seams when I do these types of shoots all of the models seam to come together as some sort of weird family bound by not blood but art. And as a advocate of freedom I do truly love to see the models so comfortable in there own skin, Allowing themselves to be free, naked, and unafraid. Just being able to be yourself for a moment and not worrying about being judged cause all those around you are in the same boat can be such an amazing feeling.



Even though most of the models had never met each other before everyone seamed to jump right in like it was something they do every day and as a artist it made my job so much easier.


Below are the final images from the series along with a little video we put together for the shoot. I just want to thank everyone involved in making yet another one of my creations a reality!



And here are the individuals





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