We would love to have you join our ever growing Blind 7 family, Listed below are just a few of the awesome highlighted clients.

We strive to create lasting relationships with those that choose to have us help them “Stand Out”


Jack flaps – For over a year now, we have been managing Jack Flaps social media accounts. From taking  photos of new menu items, creating custom adds, and answering questions on all social media platforms, we have been able to create a unique commercial advertising package to fit their needs.

13th floor – with over 20 haunted attractions across the USA, we have had the pleasure of working with 13th floor entertainment group for the past two season, creating unique images for their billboards and online and social media marketing materials.

Clockwork 9 – we have had the opportunity to collaborate on a few projects. To work side by side with the amazing creators and owners of clockwork 9, it has been an honor. 

With the ever growing nightclub scene in Columbus Ohio, Dahlia brought us in to help them stand out. We created both stills and video highlights to use in their advertising.

We have had the pleasure of working with Sky Sprout, a media marketing company out of Dublin, Ohio, on several projects, both photo and video, over the span of 3 years.

One of the premiere recording studios in the area needed to revamp their advertising, website, and social media platforms. We came in and did traditional real estate type images of the facility, with a little extra artistic lighting to make the rooms pop.

We traveled to Jekyll Island 2 years in a row, to do complete event coverage of their convention, panel guests, costume contests, cosplay photo shoots for guests, and VIP after party coverage.

Massive Noise, a marketing company we have worked with on major campaigns from print to digital media.

Album art, promotional materials and music videos for a select group of artists.

We have been the long time staff photographer for Mushroomhead, along with all their side projects, and also done some directing for the Music videos “QWERTY” and “Out of my mind”

Catalog and Fashion editorials for Web and print media. Advertising campaign consulting.

A brand new Haunted attraction in Chippewa Lake, Ohio, The Chippewa Lake Slaughter House brought us on to help with all aspects of their marketing this year. We have done social media content, print, and commercial video.

Print add campaign production and catalog.

Album art, promotional materials and music videos for a select group of artist.

Provided artist photos for a sponsored musical artist for web and print media.

photography for their high end restaurant East Side Blvd, menu design, advertising content for print and social media

We have worked with the owners of The Fear experience haunted attraction for years on a multitude of print, digital and video projects. Including running their very popular “Remember the night portraits”

We have had the pleasure of working with Robert Kirtzman and his team on a wide variety of projects including a photo booth at the Robert England meet and greet. I’m proud to say we also recreated the famous behind the scenes photo of both Roberts together from the 1984 Nightmare on elm street.

Our current relationship with Red Space is ever growing and we have covered some events for this spacious Cleveland location.

We provided high quality food photography for both their print ads and online media for the “Lighter fare” campaign