Blind 7 photography along with award winning cinematographer Danny Mizcko set out to create a fashion editorial series to help raise funds for wolf conservation. while this didn’t go as planned thanks to a multitude of reasons we did manage to set out on two VERY snowy days to capture some breathtaking footage and photographs with the help of a group of amazing volunteers, 7 degrees and a blizzard is nothing to look down at. We did shoot a 3rd day in June when it warmed up a bit to help build upon the original idea however due to scheduling we did not end up having Danny available for more BTS.

A special thanks to Robert Kazar for braving the cold and sticking by my side all day. For those that know me Im a very large guy and do not get cold easily but for the scantily dressed models and my skinny assistant rob everyone stepped well above and beyond

And a VERY special thanks to Vaugn the owner of Chippewa lake slaughterhouse for helping shuttle myself an the crew back in his 4×4 onto the property in the snow, we would have been stuck without you!


Produced by Blind 7 photography and Danny Mizcko
Assistant – Robert Kazar
PA – Joseph Shaw
Locations – Chippewa lake slaughterhouse and Downtown Cleveland


  • Qudcyon Lee
  • Haley Starling
  • Jessica Horst
  • Katelynn Metheny
  • Stefani Vermilye
  • Acid Grave
  • Kilah
  • Juliet Blind
  • Sondra Brooke
  • Stephy Furret

WOLF/DOGS and handelers

  • Owner Kellithrya Keenan
  • Phantom Reign (“Phantom”) – Black
  • Ragnarox (“Roxy”) – Gray
  • Owner Stephanie Hampton
  • Nanook – White

Now onto the pitch!

Each year, we here at Blind 7 photography try to use our platform to help make a difference in others’ lives. Annually we choose a different cause to base an artistic project around, with the intention to bring awareness to an issue. Over the years these projects have varied from one end of the spectrum to another. We have done Pet portraits to raise money for local rescues, Adverts to raise awareness about domestic violence, LGBTQ rights, and even environmental concerns like air pollution and global warming. With each of these types of projects we strive to create awareness, raise funds for donations to organizations, and to surround the cause with imagery that draws added attention to a needed change. This year we have chosen Wolf conservation. We have been working diligently on creating a coffee table book full of images. These images are from a fashion editorial styled shoot. Each model was paired with an ambassador wolf/dog in Winter. We will be selling these books to raise funds for a donation to help fight for legislation to stop wolf hunts and to help create more protected territories for the wolves. Wolves are currently a threatened species, but very much an integral part of our ecosystem, and are beautiful animals that deserve to be protected. We hope to help change the way some people view these animals, not as a danger, threat, or nuisance, but as an important part of nature, and a striking, intelligent, and regal animal.

For the next 30 days we will be pre selling the book titled “FENRIR” a 20 page book filled with images of model and wolfdogs. 100% of the profit from this sale will be donated to “Friends of the Wisconsin wolf” a Non-profit organization striving to raise both awareness and cohabitation between these beautiful animals and us. 

Please take a moment to share this story and if you would like to help support either by purchasing a book or just a monetary donation please click here